Are you plagued by doubts about the intentions of our world leaders?

Do you feel disturbed or disgusted by the actions of your own country?

Has the corporate world got you down?

Do you sometimes have trouble sleeping?

Finally there’s something designed just for you!


Most of my own personal revolt is in the realm of feeding myself (and my mate and babe, and whoever else shows up around dinner time). First and foremost this is because I believe it’s a good way to take a stand. Food is one of our most basic daily necessities, and when you do for yourself, you avoid buying from the Man. Every dollar you don’t spend is one dollar they can’t use to wage their wars. But you’re also creating an alternative, forging the new way forward. (Read Wendell Berry if you need more convincing)  And nothing tastes better than food you’ve procured with your own grimy little hands.

From what I understand “subsistence” means something entirely different elsewhere. A threadbare existence, something to be avoided, pitied. Here in Alaska it means DIY-style living off the land. It’s a generally respected thing, and desirable to a small but significant number of Alaskans. To me subsistence means having a direct relationship with your food, start to finish, all encompassing.

I realize that my readers will be mostly from urban or suburban areas where the most reasonable, responsible way to feed yourself is thru agricultural means. Understandable. But here in Cordova, where our annual rainfall can top 180 inches (no, no typo there), and the land is composed of rock and muskeg (read living sponge), “agriculture” is entirely absent. Growing a home garden is certainly possible, and I do– with gusto– but it’s not the most economical of energy. Apart from dumpster diving which, anywhere there is a grocery store will be your most efficient food source, what makes sense here is meat and fish, a good dose of berries, and a very few green foods in spring and early summer. We are surrounded by an abundant wilderness. I try to base our diet on that, supplemented by my very small, city lot sized microstead. We still buy plenty of our food tho. Staples and luxury items. And can’t seem to kick the addiction to coffee, chocolate and dairy. We ain’t no saints.

We’re doing what we can. We may not be overthrowing The Man, but I like to think we’re eating away at his toes.